Saturday, November 30, 2013

Monthly Summary - November 2013

November came and went in a blur. I ran a lot. I was busy at work. I took care of more logistics for Brazil 135. And then we came east for a long Thanksgiving weekend in East Hampton.

By the beginning of November, I felt pretty much 100% recovered from Run Rabbit Run and really wanted to make the most of the month.

It started with Cactus to Clouds.

(at the summit; photo: Billy)

Billy, Ethan, Dave and I had a blast doing the 20 mile hike/run from Palm Springs to Mt. San Jacinto and back to the tram. We had pretty much perfect weather all day.

Ethan put together this great video that I forgot to post earlier in the month:

That was one of two runs in November when I managed over 10,000 feet of elevation gain. The second was a fun 26+ mile mostly solo run all around Mt. Wilson last weekend. Those two runs helped me get over 57,000 feet of climbing for the month. It was one of my biggest climbing months of the year.

Running in East Hampton has been great. It's been cold - temperatures in the low or mid-30s, but it's been sunny and clear pretty much every day. I got in a nice 20 mile run mostly in the Northwest Woods this morning. I say this pretty much every time I run out here, but these trails are totally different from home. Tall trees, soft ground, mild rollers, leaves covering the trails at this time of year. Really fun run to close out the month.

I ran a lot, but that's pretty much all the training I did. The Culver City Plunge (my usual pool) was closed for the first two weeks of the month, then when it re-opened I had a cold and then we came east for Thanksgiving. So I didn't swim a single meter. I also didn't get on the bike (again). I did yoga twice, so there's that. I want to have another really big run month in December, but hopefully I'll do a little more cross-training, including some swimming, yoga and maybe even a little strength training.

I actually joined a gym this month, the first time I've had a gym membership since we moved to LA in 2009. The primary motivation for joining the gym was to use the sauna and steam room, in preparation for the heat and humidity I'll be facing in Brazil. My goal is to hit the sauna and/or steam room three to five times per week for the next six weeks before Aaron and I fly out to São Paulo.

Here's November:

Swim: 0 meters
Cycling (outdoors): 0 miles
Cycling (indoors):  0 (hours)
Run: 302.1 miles
Total Run Elevation Gain: 57,033 feet
Strength Training/Yoga: 3 sessions

Approximate monthly total training time: 59.1 hours

Weight: mid-150's

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  1. Great month Josh - C2C was definitely a highlight!